Frequently Asked Questions

You can, but you also have the option to let us provide your family member with nappies. We buy nappies in bulk for a more reasonable price. This will be added to your monthly bill.

Yes we do, we follow Government regulations and only go into full lockdown when indicated by the President.

We know it’s especially important for your loved ones to still see their children / grandchildren / sisters and brothers. We do WhatsApp video calls, and you can also send us videos and photos that we will show your loved ones.

Yes we do have single and double rooms

Yes, you are more than welcome, just make the necessary arrangements

A registered nurse needs to do an evaluation on the person to ensure we provide the best care according to the condition.

  • 3 meals a day, snacks in-between for a person with diabetes
  • Laundry / Washing of clothes.
  • Cleaning of the room

Yes, it is a refundable deposit.

Yes, we have a registered nurse that does fun activities with the residents

Frail care needs more nursing care than the assisted living residents. Assisted living residents can still manage on their own and don’t need that much nursing care.

Yes, we have 24-hour nursing care

Yes, we have Dr’s and Physiotherapists that comes to our facility. Medical aid tariffs apply

Yes, we do have residents with this medical condition.

Yes, but an evaluation must be done to determine the level of care.

Yes, please refer to the website for detailed prices, or contact us on 012 001 4091,

Yes, currently there is a waiting list.

We welcome any kind gesture or community projects, please arrange with the Brand Ambassador beforehand.

Yes, but an evaluation must be done to determine the level of care.

Yes, but an evaluation must be done to determine the level of care.

Viewing of the facility
If interested, an evaluation on the new residents is necessary to determine the level of care.
If approved, a refundable deposit needs to be paid.
Other documents and necessary info to follow.
Please contact the Brand Ambassador for any further information, 012 0014091,

No, currently we don’t have any jobs available.

It’s easy to confuse assisted living with frail care. The difference is that assisted living is usually seniors who need help with day-to-day activities. This can include grocery shopping, companionship, light chores, and medication management if needed.

Frail care is dedicated to senior persons with special health care needs that cannot look after themselves. Oftentimes it includes stroke recovery patients as well as people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also home to residents who need help with doing things for themselves. Assistant living communities are usually under the managing umbrella of frail care facilities so that the health and wellness of each resident are of first priority.

Yes, at all registered frail care and assisted living facilities, you can expect good security. This will ensure the safety of the residents and the staff on-site at all times. Access control is usually strict and monitored and family can sometimes visit per appointment.

When it comes to age, some places accept residents from ages fifty and up, and some from sixty or pensioners and older. But, medical history is often required. There is sometimes a preference given to persons who have medical conditions and need around the clock care. Facilities try their best to place each person in the most suitable residence that will cater to their needs. This will include health, mental wellness, and long-term residency starting with assisted living.

Only the registered resident and staff can stay on the premises. For family visits, some facilities require that the resident obtain permission from the management to allow this. The child of the resident can also get this permission on behalf of their senior parent staying on the premises.

No unfortunately not, but medical aid is compulsory if you want to become a resident.

We need a negative Covid test before we can take in a new resident. If we notice any flu-like symptoms, one of our visiting Dr’s will be contacted and the patient will be isolated immediately.

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