The Role Of a Nurse In Frail Care

Frail care is one of the places some of us dread the most because of the negative aspects associated with bad facilities. The anxiety is real and when it comes to placing your senior loved one in a frail care facility, you want to be 100% certain that they are in the best hands.

Brooklyn Care is one of the leading senior care facilities dedicated to the wellbeing of your loved one. There are plenty of staff in a frail care facility but frail care nurses play an integral role.

What is the role of a frail care nurse?

Frail care nurses are specially trained to work with geriatrics (senior) patients.

These nurses may provide 24/7 medical assistance to the residents of frail care facilities. Some are also available on callout visits if the senior is living at home or at a home of one of their children.

Another roll of a frail care nurse is that they can help seniors to lead more comfortable lives because they assist with various tasks. These include health management, personal hygiene, medication management, companionship, sleep routines, as well as, preparing nutritional meals, and assisting with light chores.

*Note: There are often many options and services that the frail care nurse may complete. Services are customised according to what the senior patient may need.

Why choose a frail care facility?

Professional frail care institutes employ staff that are trained, experienced, and capable of managing various situations. Because our elderly cannot always take care of themselves, it is important to get professional medical help.

A frail care nurse is involved, he/she will be able to monitor your elderly parent on a 24hour, 7 days a week depending on what is required.

FAQ – The Role Of a Nurse In Frail Care

Are frail care nurses available all year?

Yes, they are employed by the facility, and work shifts.

Does medical aid cover for frail care?
All medical insurance is different. There are some that will be able to fund part of the expenses for a temporary stay. But usually medical aid won’t provide for long-term frail care. You can also check with your medical provider, what medical services are covered and what isn’t.

What does frail care in South Africa cost?
Depending on the facility and what they can offer, the prices could on average range from 13,000 ZAR a month to 50,000 ZAR per month.
When looking to place your senior parent into a frail care facility it is crucial to properly check the background of the facility and spot any red flags early in the process.

What does frail care mean?
Frail care is a long-term living situation that provides seniors with medical assistance and residency during their golden years.

Are all frail cares the same?
No, not all frail care facilities are the same. There are also facilities that only have shared accommodation, while the rest may include a comprehensive selection of bachelor flats and accommodation for active retirees.

Either way, if you’re looking for trusted frail care for your senior parent then contact Brooklyn Care for more information.

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