Senior Care that You Can Rely On

Your Elderly Loved One in Good Hands 24/7 at Brooklyn Care

Having peace of mind knowing that you’re leaving your elderly parents or grandparents in capable hands is what matters at Brooklyn Care. We understand that being apart is difficult and especially so when finding a reputable facility. We provide trusted care, medical assistance, companionship, and more for your senior family members.

The new resident’s journey

Your loved ones are treated with dignity and utmost respect at all times. We ensure that they are comfortable and under supervision at all times. Senior care is of absolute importance that’s why everyone in our team is not only certified caregivers but trained and qualified to work with our elderly residents.

Settling in and feeling at home

As with any new change, it could take some time to become settled. Our team takes care and do our utmost best to guarantee a homely feel within our facility. Your senior family members will be comfortable as they settle into their new home.
Brooklyn Care is like a second family to your elderly parents, and we, more than ever, enjoy showering our residents with warm love and care always.

Staying in touch with your dear loved one

We have gone the extra mile to make sure that you can still chat despite the distance during lockdown restrictions. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family, and friends can contact their family members at our facility.

  • You can make video calls over WhatsApp
  • Regular phone calls are also encouraged

Make memories all the time

We are pleased to help families create the opportunity for memories using photos and videos. So, we encourage sending videos and photos. We know that these photos and videos will be the precious memories that our families carry on cherishing forever when the time comes to depart.

  • Pre-recorded videos can also be sent in from the family and we will ensure to record and send videos to the family as well
  • We also take plenty of photos because we believe in making lasting memories

You have a 24-hour open line to the Registered Nurse to check in on your beloved family members

As part of our mission to ensure comfort and peace of mind, we also have a line directly to the Registered Nurse. You can call in at any time, 24hours a day. Being here for you and your senior family means a lot to us. We do all we can to guarantee support, the best senior care, and happiness for all our families.

What makes Brooklyn Care different

Get by with help from our team

Oftentimes, family members would call in and ask us to check on their mother or father, whose phone might not be working correctly. Sometimes we’re asked to help because the TV isn’t working or won’t tune into the channel. Or when families visit and the parents can’t find a jersey. We are here hands-on to see to all these things big or small so that you don’t have to worry.

There’s medical care and service within our reach

Brooklyn Care is situated close to two of the leading private hospitals within Pretoria, namely Life Groenkloof and Zuid Afrikaans. Some specialised physiotherapists and doctors frequently work on-site at our facility.

Ongoing dedication, affection, superior care, and dignity always!

Are you still looking for a senior care facility that you can trust with your precious loved one? Look no further. We have everything your elderly parents need to be safe, secure, and comfortable with all their needs met every day.

Contact us for more information, and you can also make an appointment if you would like to visit the premises for an in-person experience. We have you and your loved one’s needs at the top of our priorities list and we are dedicated to professionalism and happy residents and families.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Brooklyn Care

Are there any additional charges to the monthly fee?
No, there is no hidden costs.

Do we bring nappies to our loved ones?
You can, but you also have the option to let us provide your family member with nappies. We buy nappies in bulk for a more reasonable price. This will be added to your monthly bill.

Do you allow visits with the Covid pandemic?
Yes we do, we follow Government regulations and only go into full lockdown when indicated by the President.

What will you do should we enter level 5 lockdown and families are unable to visit?
We know it’s especially important for your loved ones to still see their children / grandchildren / sisters and brothers. We do WhatsApp video calls, and you can also send us videos and photos that we will show your loved ones.

Does Brooklyn Care have single rooms available?
Yes we do have single and double rooms

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