What Is A Healthy Diet For Seniors?

What Is A Healthy Diet For Seniors?

Eating healthy plays a major role in our wellness. The correct foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and good fats which are all important for a balanced diet. As we become older, our diets change too. Seniors tend to eat less food, and this is even more important that you help them eat balanced meals every day. Here’s How You Can Help Them To Eat Well Everyday:

What does a healthy diet for seniors consist of?

A healthy diet for elderly people consists of a variety of food groups. Foods like poultry and fish are considered lean and won’t contribute to bad cholesterol. Red meats are okay, but it is important to let them eat lean red meat as opposed to pork and other fatty meats. Their balanced diet should also consist of grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. These will help with fibre and improve their digestive system. Dairy products are another vital food group for your senior parent.

Detail for food groups that form part of a healthy diet for seniors

  • Protein
    When it comes to protein, it’s not only in the form of animal meat. This is good news if your elderly loved one is a vegetarian. Protein, apart from fish packed with essential fatty oils like omega 3, there are also plant-based proteins. Plant-based protein includes legumes, beans, chickpeas, nuts, seeds and spinach.
  • Dairy
    Dairy is a vital ingredient to help seniors get the balanced diet they need. Dairy is rich in vitamin D and calcium hence dairy in a diet will help maintain healthy bones. Low-fat dairy products is a good choice too. A glass of milk or a portion of yogurt is an easy fix between or with meals.If your senior parent is lactose intolerant, there are still plenty of options to get calcium in their diet without having to consume dairy products. Foods rich in calcium include rice milk, almond milk, broccoli, bok choy, kale, canned fish with the bones, and tofu to name a few.
  • Fruit and vegetables = fibre
    Fruit and vegetables should form part of their meals every day. These can also serve as an in-between healthy snack option. As mentioned, fruit and vegetables provide rich sources of dietary fibre and there is no need to let them eat fibre based bran cereal to get this in their diet. When it comes to cereals, choose those rich in fibre such as oats and wheat-based cereal. The same applies for bread, instead of regular brown and white bread choose whole- wheat.

Plan your senior parent’s meals

You can find a variety of menu ideas and food preparation as well as shopping tips when it comes to senior nutrition.
You can start off with a menu, then make a shopping list and that will help with the next steps for preparing their healthy meals each day.

Food preparation and menu options for a healthy senior diet

When preparing meals, reduce oil fried foods. Instead of oil, rather opt for an air fryer. These are excellent, and just like grills, they allow the food to cook in its own fat. This is especially so for meats and foods rich in natural fat.

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