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Frail Care Communities Help Manage Arthritis

With age comes the natural wear and tear of the body’s bones and joints. This can lead to arthritis rheumatoid conditions which can put a hamper on mobility and joint function. At the same time, it makes daily living situations more challenging. Senior care facilities will give you and your loved one the peace of mind needed. Skilled teams of frail care workers help on a 24/7 basis and aid patients and residents with arthritis. Just because your senior parent has a rheumatoid condition, it doesn’t mean exclusion from daily activities. Nor should they be left out from socialising with their peers.

What are the signs of arthritis?

  • Swelling in the hands
  • Ongoing joint pain
  • Pain in the knees and other joints
  • Morning aches and stiffness
  • Less range of motion

Why should you consider a senior care facility for your elderly loved one living with arthritis?

Senior community facilities offer a variety of services. They help elderly patients to lead happier, fulfilling lives despite arthritis and other health conditions.
Benefits include:

  • Around the clock health care personnel
  • Experienced nurses and care workers
  • A daily balanced nutrition
  • Physical therapy sessions and exercise
  • Emotional support
  • Help with improving mobility
  • A chance to meet peers and find companionship

Types of arthritis that senior care communities usually experience with their residents

Types of rheumatoid arthritis

There are 2 main types of Rheumatoid arthritis (Seronegative and Seropositive). Both types cause deformities in the bones and joints that result in pain.


Osteoarthritis affects as many as 15% of people, roughly over 600 million. It is thus one of the most common types in the world. Osteoarthritis leads to natural wear and tear of the cartilage that provides “cushioning” between bones.


Gout causes uric acid to become crystallised and dispersed into the bones of the feet and hands. Uric acid is a waste product when the body digests food. This leads to arthritis symptoms in feet which include pain, swelling and difficulty walking or driving.

Arthritis treatment for your elderly parent at their accommodation

By being part of a senior care facility, your loved one will get quality health care, support and comfortable living conditions. Daily schedules include providing treatments and exercise programs for the folks living in the care facility.
These consist of:

  • Management of medication and administration
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
Occupational and Physical Therapy

Since arthritis affects function and mobility, having occupational and or physical therapy is often part of treatment. Regular exercise is the customary program and lifestyle at senior care facilities. This improves pain management and reduces the risk of injury.

Senior communities know the value of a nutritious diet. This is a diet low in inflammatory foods because inflammation worsens arthritis pain. Avoiding processed, fatty, sugary and refined carbohydrates are important. These food groups are also known as inflammatory foods. A diet rich in nutritious anti-inflammatory foods like seeds, nuts, berries, ginger, garlic and leafy green vegetables is beneficial.

Get the best help available

Do you have a loved one with arthritis? You can find the care you need by the specialised medical and nursing staff at Brooklyn Care.

Contact Brooklyn Care for more information. Your loved one in good hands! If you have any questions please go to our FAQ page

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FAQ: Help Manage Arthritis

What is the best natural remedy for arthritis?
Aloe Vera

How do you maintain arthritis?
Getting plenty of exercise will reduce the stiffness and pain

Does rest help arthritis?
Yes rest will help reduce the pain

What should you eat if you have arthritis?
Fatty fish, ginger,garlic,grapes, spinach

Will arthritis ever go away?
Yes you can recover from arthritis if treated correctly, this process can take up to 12 months to sorted


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